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We provide executive coaching for individuals and teams, and leadership skills development using assessments and workshops. Find the right talent with job matching services. Fill crucial positions in the organization. Work with us to gain clarity in your mission and goals in order to focus on what's most important. Boston Business Coaching works with you to provide all the tools and support you and your team needs to achieve all of your personal and professional goals.

Our specialization

Leadership Coaching
Corrective Action, PIP’s
Applicant Tracking System Screening
Assessments for Hiring: Job Benchmarking
Behavioral Assessments DISC
Team Assessments


Boston Business Coaching is a network of dedicated coaching professionals, ready to help you get to the next level at work with a clearer sense of purpose and direction.

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Wayne is the founder of Boston Business Coach. Wayne is a certified coach and licensed therapist with decades of experience in working with people to help them with achieving personal and professional development. Wayne has worked with individuals and corporations to help them identify their challenges and create new, more productive, and life-transforming habits and behaviors.

Wayne is certified to use a variety of personality assessments which can help people identify their ideal career for their unique personality and also help employees and management personnel with Leadership Development coaching to help them meet and exceed their key accountabilities, manage challenging work situations, as well as balance work and personal demands.

Wayne also helps HR Directors, C-suite and Managers with job benchmarking and job matching which helps them identify ideal behaviors, motivators, competencies and key accountabilities for each position and then compare talent (any new or existing candidates) to the job benchmark so you can hire the best person for the job.

Wayne is has a certificate from the UMASS Boston Dispute Resolution program. He has mediated cases in both the Quincy and Cambridge MA court systems, and oftentimes uses these skills in his coaching work.

Wayne is considered one of the top coaches in the area because he truly cares about people and strives to bring value by delivering results. He uses a non-judgmental, supportive, sometimes humorous, yet accountable, strength-based approach, combined with focused and achievable goal setting. He draws from a wide skill-set including best practice Coaching, Cognitive Behavior skills training, Dialectical Behavior skills, Neuro-linguistic programming skills, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, and uses technology tools such as helpful apps, customized worksheets, and recommended products in his work with his clients.

Wayne is married with two children and his loyal Golden Doodle and lives in a suburb south of Boston.


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Mary Wilson
President and CEO

To say I was terrible at hiring is an understatement. But Wayne at Boston Business Coaching helped me benchmark my open positions. This helped me be much clearer on my expectations for each job.  Once that process was done I used their ATS system to accept and screen resumes. This saved us a huge amount of time and was worth the fee for the service. The assessments helped us rank the candidates which mostly only validated what our team gleaned through interviews. Now, we use the assessments and Wayne’s coaching to onboard and develop our people. I only wish we found Wayne sooner which would have saved us legal fees, aggravation, and stress.

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Susan Dixon
HR Director

Our company had some challenges in hiring the right people due to promoting a few employees who had little experience in hiring. Wayne from Boston Business Coaching helped us to Job Benchmark some open positions which allowed us to be clearer on the duties, behaviors and personality characteristics for the open positions. After interviewing for the positions and narrowing it down to several candidates the TTI job matching and gap reports allowed us to choose the best people for the job and company culture. The coaching process has both helped existing staff to hire better, and we are so happy with our new staff. We now use Wayne at Boston Business Coaching and the TTI assessments to hire all new staff and encourage all who struggle with hiring the right people to contact Wayne. He is so knowledgable, easy to work with and he has been a great mentor and partner to my hiring staff.

Bob Anderson
Human Resources

We knew we needed a system for hiring new staff so found Wayne through a colleague who was coached by Wayne. He reviewed our options and we decided to start using the Talent Management System From TTI that Wayne recommended for screening and hiring prospective employees. This system and process has saved us a lot of time and manpower so has already paid for itself. Waynes guidance and coaching through this process has been invaluable and I recommend him and the TTI products because they are amazingly effective at distilling down the characteristics of ideal candidates and then matching the best job applicants. We still take the time to conduct thorough interviews but the job benchmarking process has helped us create a list of interview questions for each job which has made interviewing more effective. I wholeheartedly recommend Wayne at Boston Business Coaching if you need help with hiring.

Yang Li
Vice President

They helped us when we had worker who had trouble in our company.  The coaching was good and the employee is now do what we expect. They help him and me to know how to do this in the future.  Now no more problem with worker so thank you very much.

Tonya Wells

I needed help with doing presentations and gaining more confidence so my company called Wayne in to help me. I never had a coach so wasn’t sure what to expect. Wayne was so good at helping me understand my tendency to not want to showboat and the anxiety I had about being a star presenter. I am happy to say that coaching helped me to not only know how to present better, how to engage my audience (which I wasn’t doing at all), but my mindset and nervousness around presenting was also addressed. The fact that Wayne has a therapy background helped me learn new skills and thoughts which in turn allowed me to feel more comfortable. I wholeheartedly recommend Wayne for anyone with similar issues.