Coaches For Shy People

If You are shy you are not alone

coaches for shy people

Believe it or not, approximately 40 to 50 percent of American adults consider themselves shy.

Shyness is usually seen as a symptom of fear or lack of self-confidence. Shy people are typically self-conscious and sometimes worried about what other people think about them, though not all shy people have low self-esteem.

Shyness can help protect us but can be a problem for some if it prevents us from living life to it’s fullest.

Here are some examples when it can be a problem:

  • You are not happy with the number and quality of your relationships with friends or family
  • You avoid being around others because you feel uncomfortable or awkward
  • You find social situations anxiety-provoking and draining of your energy
  • You feel that you should be spending less time alone and more time with others
  • You feel like you don’t “measure up” socially and let others take advantage or tease you
  • Your shyness or introversion prevents you from living your life to its fullest

If you experience one or more of these, you will benefit from coaching for shy people or introverted.


  • Feel more empowered and in control of your life
  • Discover, and challenge negative thoughts and beliefs
  • Feel more confident, and relaxed in social situations
  • Learn positive and helpful thoughts and beliefs
  • Begin to know yourself and accept yourself for who you are
  • Practice the skills and behaviors needed to build and maintain good relationships