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Job Benchmarking Services: Why More Companies Are Using Them


Matches The Job To The Right Person

trimetrix-DNA ASSESSMENTIf you’ve ever hired the wrong person- you’re not alone. A survey by Career Builder, an online job board, reported that 74% of employers reported hiring the wrong person for a position. The cost to employers was $14,900 for every hiring error last year. This does not include legal costs and extra time and stress involved. It is for those reasons that BOSTON BUSINESS COACHING offers Job Matching services, otherwise known as Job Benchmarking. This vital service helps you find the best person for any open position by matching each candidate’s personality, work behaviors, and motivation to the unique behaviors needed for success in the job.


The Job Benchmarking Process

Utilizing coaching tools, assessments and coaching sessions we help you:

  • Determine the key Stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who will be involved in the Job Benchmark creation process.
  • Facilitate Stakeholders and SMEs to identify the tasks and activities performed in the designated role.
  • Enable Key Stakeholders to define and prioritize Key Accountabilities/Goals/Job descriptions for the role.
  • Allow Stakeholders to create metrics to measure short and long-term success in the role.

Job benchmarking can be completed using any of the following report and questionnaire combinations. We provide a comprehensive job benchmark process and provide stellar results for our clients, and include these key reports, listed below, all of which add value in a different way. When combined, these reports “let the job talk” in a robust and powerful way.

Job Benchmarking Reports


When conducting a benchmark you’ll more than likely have a team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Each of the SMEs will complete a job questionnaire. This questionnaire is designed to identify the traits of the job, not the person. Remember, each subject matter expert (SME) completes his or her own job report.

Multi Respondent Reports

The Multi Respondent Report, otherwise known as “the benchmark” is a combination of all the individual job reports. This report allows you to later compare individuals to the requirements of the job.

Gap Reports

The Gap Report allows you to compare one person to one job benchmark. Use the gap report when you want to identify the best job match of a candidate or current employee.

Job/Talent Comparisons

The Job/Talent Comparison Report allows you to compare up to five candidates to a job benchmark. This is a great report to quickly identify the job match of multiple candidates.

To learn more or get started contact Wayne Kessler at 781-956-9999.


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