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What Is Job Benchmarking?

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What Is Job Benchmarking?

Job Benchmarking is our approach to talent selection which leverages TTI SI’s patented Job Benchmarking process and best-in-class talent assessments. Job Benchmarking is unique because we benchmark the job, not the people in the job.


What is a Benchmark?

A benchmark is a complex mathematical profile that numerically defines the ideal candidate for a role or job. It combines key stakeholder input with sophisticated algorithms to identify what is required for success in a specific role.


Why Job Benchmark?

When Job Benchmarking is implemented properly, it will have a direct effect on your business’s bottom line and corporate culture. You’ll not only attract the best candidates, but you’ll save time and money by hiring the right people the first time and reduce the learning curve by hiring employees who are strategically matched to fit your company. It also helps eliminate selection bias in the hiring process by focusing on the job requirements and not the individual person.


What Is The Purpose Of Job Benchmarking?

The purpose of Job Benchmarking is to determine the ideal Behaviors, Motivators and Personal Skills required of each role in the company. As such, it will be a significant factor in understanding the potential for ‘fit’ of any candidates for hiring.


In addition, the Job Benchmarking can be used to aid in identifying the key training and developmental needs of individuals in their current roles.


Boston Business Coaching has outlined our process below for initiating a Job Benchmark and we are always excited to discuss with your company staff about the potential to work with you on this important project.

The Job Benchmarking Process:

The Job Benchmark will establish the ideal Behaviors, Motivators and Personal Skills for key roles at Client Company while ensuring that Boston Business Coaching also ‘Maps’ our assessments to your organizational competencies and values.


Phase 1: Development of a Role Benchmark

At the outset of the project, Boston Business Coaching determines the list of Stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who will be involved in the Job Benchmark creation process. Stakeholders are typically anyone whose position is affected by or interacts with, this role.


Boston Business Coaching then sends communication explaining the purpose and process of Job Benchmarking to Key Stakeholders.  Boston Business Coaching provides the company with a ‘draft communication’ that you can review and distribute.


Each Stakeholder and SME will be asked to clarify tasks and activities performed in designated roles based on pre-work sent to them in advance.


Boston Business Coaching then will gather the pre-work to begin to define and prioritize Key Accountabilities/Goals for the role based on the input of Key Stakeholders.


Boston Business Coaching will share feedback with Key Stakeholders and gather consensus around the Key Accountabilities in a facilitated “Focus Group” session.  This typically takes from 1.5 to 2.0 hours.


The Key Stakeholders will then complete an online Job Survey (similar to the assessment) where they will rate the priorities of key skills and behaviors based on the Key Accountabilities of the position.


Boston Business Coaching then combines the results of the Job Survey to produce a “Multiple Job Respondent report” to ensure that all Key Stakeholders have consensus around the desired Behaviors, Motivators and Personal Skills for the role.


Phase 2: Validate the Job Benchmark

Boston Business Coaching may also review assessment results of one or more Top Performing and Bottom Performing employees in each role if the role already exists in the company. This enables us to validate the job benchmark.


Client Company will identify Top Performers within each role and compare their assessment results to the ‘ideal’ Job Benchmark created by the Stakeholders in Phase 1.


Boston Business Coaching will then analyze the assessment results of the Key Performers to determine critical performance factors and validate the Job Benchmark.


Boston Business Coaching will document the Job Benchmarking process and results for the Client Company’s future use and development.


Phase 3:  Update Job Descriptions With The Job Benchmark Data And Provide Recommendations For Coaching And Development

Based on the Job Benchmarks developed above, Boston Business Coaching will provide the following:

An updated, current, Job Description which includes the Job Benchmark Data.


A Review of current competencies (role and organizational) and map them to the competencies measured in our assessments.


A list of interview questions for the benchmarked positions, with ideal responses based on the requirements of the role. This can be used in the interview and hiring process of potential candidates.


Phase 4:  Compare Job Candidates Against Your Job Benchmark

Job applicants can either be given the Talent assessment when applying for the position, or you can have just the final candidates take the assessments. The job applicant’s results are then compared to the job benchmark in a Talent Comparison report to see how closely they approximate your ideal candidate.  Up to five candidates can be compared at any one time.

If you’d like a system that can be used to accept resumes and screen all candidates using the assessment -we have a proprietary Applicant Tracking System(ATS) known as the  Talent Management Plus™ (TMP) system by TTI Success Insights. This system can be used to screen all job applicants. Alternatively, if you already are using an ATS system-we can administer the assessment to only a select list of finalists.

There are many different types of assessments that we can integrate into the screening process. The type of assessment you will use is dependent upon the level of the position within the organization.

All Job Benchmarks will be housed in a corporate account dashboard that we set up for you.


Tools Used In Job Benchmarking

Tools Used In Job Benchmarking image

Cost/Expected Budget For Job Benchmarking

For Benchmarking Key Roles – For most companies, the cost is $4,500.00 per role not including the Key Performer Assessments (additional fees apply per assessment).



  • Analysis of Key Stakeholder pre-work
  • Stakeholder Job Reports and Multiple Respondent Job Reports
  • Facilitated Session(s) with Key Stakeholders and SME’s
  • Draft communication to Key Stakeholders and SME’s
  • Analysis of top and bottom performer assessment results (Behaviors, Motivators and Personal Skills
  • Final recommendation of the Job Benchmark
  • Update recruitment process, interview questions and Job Descriptions for each role
  • Map current competencies to Boston Business Coaching Assessments



Hiring the best person for the job(the first time), who has the necessary work behaviors, motivation, and personal skills, and who can hit the ground running because their skill set matches your job requirements!


Optional Services Beyond The Job Benchmarking Engagement:

Because the Job Benchmarking process involves a detailed analysis of each candidate’s Behaviors, Motivators, and Personal Skills as they relate to the job- the assessment report information can be used to identify key training and developmental needs of new employees, or of individuals in their current roles. Coaching is then advised to assist the employees in gaining the requisite skills and behaviors necessary for success on the job.  We offer 6 and 12-month coaching engagements.


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