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Talent Acquisition Recruiting Software ATS

Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Software  GetS The Right People For The Job

Boston Business Coaching uses TTI SI’s patented Talent Management Plus™ (TMP) system for our Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Software ATS. This is not your traditional applicant tracking system as it offers so much more. The TMP system is the only assessment-based screening system powered by job matching. Users of TMP enjoy a smarter, more efficient way to hire people matched and inherently motivated and engaged in their work. By using this multipurpose system, we remove the guesswork from finding talent, eliminate wasted time usually associated with hiring, and increase employee retention.




Save Time and Money Using Our Assessment Based Applicant Tracking System

According to Forbes, the average amount of money companies spend to hire one employee is $56,770.  And for small businesses, the cost of hiring is even greater than large companies.

But, there’s a better way to recruit and hire. For a flat monthly fee, Boston Business Coaching gives you access to TTI Si’s Applicant Tracking System and more, our Talent Management Plus™ system, TMP. This cutting edge system gives you the opportunity to job match instead of just hire. TMP easily ranks candidates, maintains resumes, and helps you understand the behaviors, motivators, and skills of each applicant all in one assessment-based Applicant Tracking System(ATS).

TMP cuts down on the hours it takes to hire, the mounds of paperwork — and we even provide you with interview questions customized to each role for which you hire.

We also help you hire the best person for the position through our Job Benchmarking Process where we determine the ideal Behaviors, Motivators and Personal Skills required of each role in the company, which are significant factors in understanding the potential for ‘fit’ of any candidates that we screen for hiring. These assessments are built into the TMP ATS system.


What Is Job Benchmarking?